Kelly Greenway has been a nutritionist in Sandpoint, Idaho for 15 years. She is married to Geoffrey Greenway, DC. Together they share a practice, an off-grid home, and three children.   When she is not engaged with clients or family, Kelly loves hiking, running, mountain biking Spartan Racing and general adventuring.


Hi!  I'm Kelly!  


 It is my goal to help you achieve your best health at the deepest level possible.  It is clear to me from my own experience and the experience of watching the health journeys of others, that we are all more effective when our bodies are working the way they are supposed to.


We have big work to do in this world.  This work takes energy.   When we feel good, we can be enthusiastic about our work.  We can be open to the experience and accepting of the adventure that it promises.  We have reserves in our tank for more. 


  • More satisfying work

  • More invigorating athletic endeavors

  • More authentic relationships


When we are operating on fumes, every demand seems like a heavy weight.  We dread requests of others we decline experiences because we are hanging on so desperately to the little bit that we have.  We can be irritable, unpleasant and unattractive. 


This is no way to live! 


Energy is a great gauge for overall health.  It takes energy to manage internal stressors like leaky gut, gut infections, allergies, endocrine dysfunction and blood sugar dysregulation.  The toxicity that the body has to compensate for in addition to the cellular damage and suboptimal organ function all contribute to a decreased supply of energy. 


I struggled with low energy for years. I didn't even realize how unnatural this was.  I just knew that I had a cap on what I could do without feeling exhausted.  I attended targeted seminars on energy management and focused on it in my practice and ended up on the other end of my debilitating fatigue.  Looking back, I am so grateful that I am no longer living at that diminished capacity.  We only get one life! 


 Don't take your health for granted.  Eat, work, play and love as though your life depends on it.  Because it does!    There is an urgency.  Toxic eating and lifestyle choices are a true gamble.  


I've been there! Let me help you!




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