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The website ( “Website”) is owned and operated by The Greenway Corpora6on, an Idaho S. Corpora<on ( “we” “us” “our”). Please read the following Disclaimer before using our Website - by visi<ng and using this Website, you ( “visitor” “you” “your”) are consen<ng that you have read this Disclaimer to the point that you feel you understand the terms outlined herein, and agree to be bound by them.

1. Website Use

  1. To access or use Website, you must be 18 years or older and have the required mental capacity to enter into and abide by this Disclaimer. By using Website, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you agree to the Disclaimer herein. Use of Website by anyone under 18 is not authorized or condoned by us.

  2. This Disclaimer may be subject to changes or updates, and Website may not provide no<ce of such changes or updates. We reserve our right to make changes or updates at any <me, and the burden is on the user to rou<nely check Disclaimer for updates. By con<nuing to use Website and the content we produce, you agree to be bound by the most updated version of the Disclaimer, whether or not you have read it. If you are not in agreement with the Disclaimer as is, please do not use our Website or any of the content that appears thereon.

2. Purpose

A. The purpose of Website is solely to provide educational information and to share the author’s personal opinions and experiences; any content on this website or provided as a result of your decision to opt-in to our email list has been created solely for the purpose of educa<on and for informa<onal purposes only. By visi<ng Website, you agree and understand that this content is made available to you as a self- help tool only. Nothing on this website or distributed via email is intended to take the place of a consulta<on with a licensed therapist, physician, die<cian, nutri<onist, counselor, or medical professional of any kind.

3. Medical Disclaimer – Not Medical or Professional Advice

  1. The content on Website is not to be considered medical advice for any reason, and nothing herein is intended to provide or act as a subs<tute for mental health treatment. You as the visitor understand and agree that while I am a cer<fied Nutri<onal Therapist and have been trained and educated to provide diet ,nutri<on and func<onal lab related guidance, this Website discusses and offers coaching services only, and the content herein is for general informa<on purposes. You reading informa<on on my website does not make you my pa<ent or client, and no therapist-pa<ent, or coach-client rela<onship is being formed. I cannot know you, your loved one, or your child’s personalized situa<on or condi<on, and am not aVemp<ng nor sugges<ng you follow the content on Website instead of or in place of a personalized consulta<on with a licensed or cer<fied Nutri<onist, Die<<an or other Medical professional in your geographical area. The informa<on contained on Website, wriVen and sent out via email, or made available through our products, programs, and services is not intended to be a subs6tute for personalized coaching, medical advice or therapy/counseling, nor is anything contained herein designed to provide you with a medical diagnosis, treatment, or other medical services. By visi<ng this site you understand and agree this website is not providing any medical advice, is not providing any counseling or therapy services, is not a subs<tute to you seeking personalized therapy for yourself or someone else, nor is it aVemp<ng to diagnose or treat any mental or physical medical condi<ons.

  2. We encourage you to consult your physician and/or a licensed therapist if you suspect you may benefit from such services. We will assume that all individuals choosing to consume or implement any


informa<on found on Website will have previously obtained clearance from their applicable personal medical physician or therapist, and has concluded that coaching informa<on may be useful or right for them. We also encourage you to use common sense in determining whether any such content is right for you or your child, and trust that you will discuss with a personal medical professional prior to following any such informa<on. Nothing contained on Website is intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any medical condi6on or disease, nor is it to be considered medical advice in any capacity.

C. You also understand that Website has been created in order to offer coaching services, and general informa<on about coaching. While I am a cer<fied Nutri<tonal Therapist, there are no elements of therapy within Website content or the coaching programs offered. Should you suspect you may be in need of therapy, or wish to find out more informa<on, please contact a licensed therapist in your geographical area.

4. Voluntary Par6cipa6on

A. By choosing to visit this site and read the informa<on provided, you understand and agree that you are voluntarily choosing to read, implement and/or par<cipate in the use of Website and any informa<on contained herein, and are solely responsible for any outcomes or results (posi<ve or nega<ve.) We cannot be responsible for any ac<on you may choose to take regarding the informa<on provided, and you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible nor liable to you should you sustain any injuries or nega<ve ramifica<ons. The informa<on contained on Website is intended as general informa<on only; we cannot know your individual medical or physical state, and do not claim to know what may or may not work for you. As such, you agree that you are fully responsible for your health and well-being, and any decisions you make to implement or follow anything you find on Website.

  1. No Guarantees

    1. The purpose of Website and the content herein is designed to provide you with useful informa<on, and to support and assist you in reaching the goals you desire. However, individual success depends on your own mental and emo<onal state, as well as your dedica<on, effort, and commitment. While I make every effort to help my readers, I cannot predict results, nor am I able to know your personal situa<on; therefore, I cannot guarantee that you will aVain certain results. You agree and understand that I do not make any guarantees regarding any specific results from using informa<on found on Website, and that any success will come in large part to your own personal situa<on and dedica<on.

    2. Earnings Disclaimer: I also do not make any guarantees or assurances regarding a par<cular financial outcome based on use of Website, nor are we responsible for Your earnings, any increase or decrease in your finances based upon informa<on you interpreted from Website. Any informa<on or tes<monials contained herein that contain financial informa<on are individual results that may vary. The decision to use or implement any informa<on contained on Website is solely your own, and you agree we are not responsible for any financial outcomes.

  2. Limita6on of Liability

A. You understand and agree that your par<cipa<on in using our website and/or adding yourself to our

email list is wholly voluntary, and you are solely and personally responsible for your ac<ons, choices, and any results therein. You understand there are some<mes unknown risks and circumstances that may arise during or following use of our Website or products, that cannot be foreseen or an<cipated, but may influence or affect your business or you as an individual. You understand and agree that any sugges<on or recommenda<on of a product, service, coach, or otherwise through our Website is purely informa<on – any decision to act upon these sugges<ons is to be taken by you, at your own risk, without any liability on the part of The Greenway Corpora<on You agree to accept all risks herein.


B. Your use of this Website cons<tutes an agreement and acceptance that you will absolve Kelly Greenway FNTP, RWP/ The Greenway Corpora<on as well anyone ac<ng as an agent, consultant, affiliate, guest blogger, joint venture partner, employee, staff, team member, or anyone affiliated with Us in any way of any liability for any loss, damage, injury, or li<ga<on that you or any other person may incur from direct or indirect use of the informa<on, content, or products found on our Website or via materials requested through email.

7. Indemnifica6on

  1. You agree at all <mes to defend, fully indemnify and hold harmless The Greenway Corpora<on and any

    affiliates, agents, team members or other party associated with it from any causes of ac<on, damages, losses, costs, expenses incurred as a result of your use of our Website or any products or services contained therein, as well as any third party claims of any kind (including aVorney’s fees) arising from your ac<ons in rela<on to our Website or any breach by you of any such condi<ons outlined herein. Should we be required to defend ourselves in any ac<on directly or indirectly involving you, or an ac<on where we decide your par<cipa<on or assistance would benefit our defense, you agree to par<cipate and provide any evidence, documents, tes<mony, or other informa<on deemed useful by us, free of charge.

  2. We will aVempt to monitor comments and posts made by third par<es and users as o.en as possible. Should you, as a user of our Website, see anything objec<onable or offensive posted by a third party, you agree to (1) no<fy us of the material, and (2) agree not to take any ac<on against us based upon the content posted by the third party. You understand we cannot be responsible for material posted by a user without our control, and agree to release us of any and all claims arising therefrom.

  3. Should you choose to u<lize informa<on offered on our website, whether free or for purchase, you understand that we are not liable to any party, for any damages – whether direct, indirect, consequen<al, foreseeable, incidental or otherwise – stemming or perceived to stem from use of or reliance upon any informa<on contained or found on our Website, or from products or services purchased therefrom. You also understand and agree that we are not liable for any damages incurring as a result of your reliance or use of informa<on on our Website wriVen by a third party, whether endorsed or not by us, and you agree to release us from any and all claims stemming from, or perceived to stem from, reliance on informa<on contained on our Website.

8. Accuracy

  1. Although we have spent considerable <me and effort in crea<ng the products on www.dignutri<

    and the content provided herein, you understand and acknowledge that we are not responsible nor liable for any errors, omissions, or liability as a result of any loss or damages incurred as a direct or indirect result of your use of Website content or our products. You also understand there may be inadvertent typographical errors or inaccuracies. By your use of this website, you acknowledge and understand this informa<on, and agree you have chosen/will choose to u<lize our Website and/or our products voluntarily. You agree that we are not responsible for the accuracy of our Website, or for any errors or omissions that may occur on the site or in our products.

  2. Similarly, you understand your obliga<on to provide only authen<c, accurate informa<on to us, including your name, email address, and payment informa<on, should you choose to purchase a product. You understand and agree that should any informa<on provided prove inaccurate, and any issues or damages arise from your giving us false or inaccurate informa<on, you may be liable for any subsequent damages that occur as a result.

9. Tes6monials
A. Website may feature tes<monials from clients from <me to <me, in order to provide readers with

addi<onal comments from others’ experiences with Website, The Greenway Corpora<on , and products or services offered. While all informa<on, photos, and quotes used are from actual clients, sharing their


real, honest opinions of our website and services, these tes<monials are not to be considered as a guarantee that current or future clients will experience the same results, or a guarantee that all clients will have the same experience. You understand and agree that by reading a featured tes<monial on our Website, you do not expect the same results, and understand this informa<on is not a guarantee.

10. Affiliates and Endorsements

  1. From <me to <me, we may choose to partner with, promote, become an affiliate of, or otherwise engage

    in a joint venture with another individual or company whom we feel aligns with our products or services. You understand that should an affiliate or joint venture program be featured on our Website, we may receive financial compensa<on or other payment as a result. Please note we will only feature or promote coaches, businesses, or products that we whole heartedly agree with and believe in, and genuinely believe will help our audience.

  2. However, you understand and agree that you must use your own judgement with respect to determining whether any promo<on of another product is right for you and your business. Our decision to promote, suggest, or reference another service indicates nothing more than an acknowledgement that we respect or appreciate the business, person, or service. Your decision to use or purchase from such a promo<on is yours alone, and you understand we have no involvement in your decision, nor shall we have any liability should you purchase from a promoted product and become unsa<sfied. You agree and understand we have no liability and you will hold us harmless should this occur.

  3. Similarly, references to other coaches, informa<on, events, services, products, opinions, or companies on our Website, blog, or emails is meant purely as a way to share informa<on, not as an endorsement or sugges<on that you purchase or use whatever is being men<oned. We are not responsible for any informa<on, content, emails, products, programs, or services of any other person, business, or en<ty that may be referenced on our Website.

11. Warran6es
A. You understand and agree that we make no warran<es, express or implied, and hereby renounce any

such warran<es, guarantees, or representa<ons with respect to any por<on of our Website, the content herein, content distributed through email lists, social media, via webinars, or that which is made available through purchase via our membership site. By use of the Website, you agree and understand that use of content and informa<on found herein is to be used at your own risk, with no guarantees, representa<ons, or warran<es regarding fitness for par<cular purpose, accuracy, or otherwise.

Your use of www.dignutri< cons<tutes full and complete acceptance and agreement to this Disclaimer. Please contact info@dignutri< with any ques<ons or concerns.

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