Our Specialties

One-On-One Consulting

Is this a good fit for you?

Find out during a 1/2 hour discovery session.


Group Consulting

Designed for 4 or more people with similar conditions/goals. (example: weight loss, prediabetes, auto-immune conditions.) 


Educational and therapeutic programs designed to apply generally to a group of people.  Share the cost and learn a lot!  Also, benefit from group accountability.


Form your own group or sign up for programs that I will create throughout the year.   


Programs will all consist of six (6)  50-minute sessions. 


Since we are all individuals, people in the group may find that they have specific individual things for which they would like to address.  I will make personalized suggestions throughout the course either by referrals to other practitioners or recommendations for testing or one on one nutritional counseling from myself. 


Hourly Consulting

A holistic; evidence-based comprehensive and personalized approach to health and healing.  Your body is intelligent.  It is also unique.  There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to health.  Find out how to support your body the best through diet, lifestyle, and supplementation and experience a real transformation. Flexible plans and pricing are available. 


DIY Nutrition Programs

Because we can't all get out of work or find babysitters consistently enough to attend in person appointments on a regular basis. 


I will have programs for each of the conditions that I work with available as a do it yourself platform.  Lessons, assignments, and videos will be provided.  A Facebook group will exist for group accountability.  Each course will offer metrics to show progress.  This might include labs; symptom surveys; BMI comparison and or functional outcome measurements.


Sustainable Weight Loss

There is more to weight loss than calories in/ calories out.  Dig Nutrition offers one on one weight loss counseling as well as group programs.  Discover what is causing your body to hang on to extra weight and address the root cause for lasting results.  Learn how to eat to nourish yourself and stop the guilt and deprivation cycle while improving your overall health.


Energy & Stamina

Our modern life demands extraordinary energy reserve.  With work, kids, spouses, traffic, financial obligations, dietary and environmental stressors its hard to keep gas in the tank.  Learn how to help the systems in your body that support you through these challenges, and you will be surprised at how much less of a burden daily stressors are.  One on one support; group programs and DIY programs are available.


Digestion & Auto-Immunity

"All disease begins in the gut." ~ Hippocrates


You may be eating wild caught fish, organic garden vegetables and grass-fed beef and still feel miserable if you are not digesting well.  Acid reflux, IBS, bloating, cramping and constipation are all obvious symptoms of digestion that isn't working well.  What isn't so obvious are the long-term consequences of poor digestion including auto-immune conditions like Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Lupus, MS and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few.  


The good news is that it is possible to make dramatic improvements to your digestion with relatively simple diet and supplement strategies.


Mood & Brain

Inflammation is a significant contributor to brain fog, poor memory, depression and mood disorders.  Our bodies need to inflame to heal.  However, when inflammation is out of check, it damages our organs.  Dig Nutrition offers one on one counseling to get to the root of inflammation affecting the brain so that you can feel sharper while you are viewing the world though brighter lenses.  We also offer a program called Brain Span that addresses explicitly brain health.