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The Process

"All disease begins in the gut." 

~ Hippocrates

Whether you have a problem with your stomach; too many bowel movements or not enough, intestinal cramping; acid reflux, or if you have symptoms that seem completely unrelated such as chronic fatigue, brain fog or an autoimmune condition... chances are, there is a connection to your gut. 


At Dig Nutrition this is where we start.  When we address the gut, sometimes that is enough.  If we don't start in this foundational place, we too often end up chasing symptoms. 


After collecting a substantial amount of subjective information about you, your current symptoms, your food and lifestyle habits and your health history, we begin with some simple dietary changes while we wait for results of two tests. 


The first test is a food sensitivity test.

The second is a Stool Analysis.


Both tests are recommended at the same time because the success of food elimination depends on healing the gut, and the success of healing the gut depends on the elimination of inflammatory food triggers. 

What to expect when you work with us:


Discovery Session > Initial Consult > Report of Findings > Supporting the Healing process > Re-test; Re-Evaluation > Decision Point A,B,C


A:  Complete Satisfaction and completion of journey

B:  Mostly Satisfied but have more specific bio-individual work left to do around hormones; brain health etc

C:  Still have more gut health to address: round two of phase I


We work with packages (coming soon) in order to see the client through the journey until they are satisfied.  We also know our limitations.  If there is something beyond our scope we work with the client to connect them with the right practitioner for their circumstances.

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What if you don't have any major complaints but simply want to know how to nourish your body... how to eat well and optimize digestion of the foods that you are eating?

We have a couple of other offerings that you might find attractive. 

Check out our "Seeds" program or the "Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis" program (coming soon).
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Work With Us

Stop chasing symptoms.  


Find the root cause. 

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Marilyn T.

Kelly is a compassionate listener. She emanates interest & caring. She works diligently with her clients to seek the source of an issue with research-based intelligence. I am a very satisfied client who highly recommends her. 

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