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Restore Your Gut!


Learn how to fine tune your digestive system!  We will cover everything from the brain gut connection to acid reflux to bloating and what it takes to achieve consistently good poop!

There will be some fun homework and accountability!  

Your gut is at the root of EVERYTHING!  Whether you have brain fog or multiple food sensitivities or acne...or are finding yourself resistant to weight loss.... your gut is the first place to address.

We are testing times to see what works best for most people.  For this round of the program, we will offer two times on Thursday.  One is at 12:30 and the other at 5.  You pick!

We have a limit of 15 participants per time slot.  

Sign up by midnight on August 21st (use coupon EARLYBIRD) for $25 off. 

This local group program will be located in the Empowerment Center at 1009 HWY 2, Sandpoint ID 83864

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